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Well, there goes my new profile pic :D

Third person to beat this game, it's amazing, thanks to phucat for the strategy.

I love games like these, fun, scary, challenging, short if you do it right. Perfect game, i need more fun games like this.

This was a heck of a challenge! It took me about two hours to complete this masterpiece and I had a blast doing so! PhuCat originally told me about this game and I'm a sucker for challenges like this one. I heard you were planning on making it a tad easier once the jam was over, and I don't think you should! It has that perfect difficulty that takes a lot of effort and focus to complete. That paired with the awesome soundtrack, secrets and clever gameplay make this a super unique experience. If anything, maybe you could add difficulty settings? That way you can preserve the original difficulty while still making the end possible to achieve for everyone. Speaking of secrets, I think I may have found one when the mouse didn't spawn at the start of the game? Not sure, but it was AWESOME. Anywho, I LOVED this game and had a blast playing it. Thanks so much for making this!


That was rough, but I managed to beat it.  The enemy spoilers really helped with the gameplay. I noticed an unintentional bug where the mouse doesn't show up sometimes when running the arcade, but that's the only minor issue that can be denoted. Not the most difficult game I've played, but it is pretty luck based.

is there jumpscares because i really dont like jumpscares



Definitely really difficult, for something so smol of a game, but a really unique game - but of all the 'Enemies', the most fierce enemy is the screen turning off randomly, any manner of preventing this?! >:L